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Life @ Chitkara

“There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle” – Albert Einstein.

The Chitkara way of life is simple to comprehend. We follow that road where everything is a miracle for us. Opportunities waiting to be explored, ideas waiting to be born and tomorrows full of promise – is the way we look at life. To achieve this we constantly seek people who are high on life. One who works with passion and looks for ideas in the mundane. One who is driven by commitment and believes in team spirit. The mere words take on a greater dimension when put in practice. This is what gives the edge to Chitkara and what is reflected in our work culture. Involved and caring is what describes every one who works with us improving the value of our self.

We welcome individuals with deep passion and commitment for the cause of education. We always keep on improvising upon our process of developing new scientific modes of learning, taking education beyond mere classroom teaching and making it an interactive process where all stakeholders – student, teachers, parents and industry are involved.

At Chitkara Universe, we don’t just provide a job. We appreciate and honor commitment. We nurture families. We build individual success. We increase your self worth.

People Philosophy

The heart and soul of Chitkara University. Our structure is designed to enhance every individual’s ability. From the policies we have put in place, to the work environment and to the culture we follow. Backed by the richness of the Chitkara heritage, we strive to provide the best of opportunity to showcase talent – be it technology expertise, engineering skills or creative capability.

Our physical environment is developed to enhance the innate abilities. Practical yet aesthetic surroundings provide the perfect setting for work. Built to inspire, encourage and explore.

Chitkara provides space in abundance for thinking, innovating and bettering your skills.

Our transparent HR policies clearly lay down career path and incentive for every role with values that emphasize respect for the individual, pay for performance, teamwork, excellence and trust.

Reward and recognition also forms an integral part of our culture. From a pat on the back for a specific job done well to granting honors forms a part of the culture at Chitkara.

The other Side

At Chitkara, apart from work, another important driving force in ‘fun’. Giving as much importance to extracurricular activities for the employees, Annual picnics, festivals celebrations, cultural activities, sports tournaments etc forms an integral part of Chitkara’s work culture.

Other philanthropic efforts encompass a host of activities such as organizing blood donation camps, participating in marathon runs and collection drives etc. Chitkara employees are a friendly bunch with a zest for giving their best in whatever they do and with an inherent urge to excel.

Campus Facilities

  • Bank with ATM
  • Café
  • Doctors on Campus
  • Stationery Shop
  • Library
  • Wi-fi Campus
  • IT Support

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