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Employee Speak

Dr. Pankaj Garg Assistant Professor Chitkara School of Mass Communication

Chitkara University is an ideal place to perform the duty as it is a diverse institute with brilliant people around, supportive management, great leaders as well as a collaborative culture where the head is always ready to provide their support. I started off my journey with Chitkara University in the year 2010 and have not stopped till date. Coming from practical exposure and having worked extensively in Radio industry, I realize how pertinent it is to impart effective training to young media learners. It is a proud feeling that my duty is to build the carrier of young professionals of media industry. This organisation has truly given me and every employee a plethora of opportunities to work on a varied range of opportunities and hence boosting my chances for maximum winnings. As an educator, teaching a discipline like mass communication which is a stream full of ideas, creativity, practical exposure with all technological advancement then Chitkara University is a place to work with where we can deliver lectures under a space favorable to communication & motivation. We get the freedom to design our classes, plan out the sessions accordingly and to bring out tutelage to make the learning interactive. The best example is to broadcast the live programmes by the students on Community Radio Station - Radio Chitkara 107.8 FM. In this state of altering student-teacher interface, developing MOOCs and increased student exposure; it is important to reinvent ourselves to retain our relevance and I have got ample scope to hone my skills on a daily basis. I am enormously delighted and proud to be a part of this growing organization Chitkara University, which has given me tons of opportunities to grow and be one step ahead of others in all aspects. This is the place where everyone can passionately explore their new approaches, ideas, thoughts and potential with support from everyone. It is a best place to work with.

Amanjeet Bhalla Associate Professor and Head of Program Chitkara School of Hospitality

When you want to become the best, you need to work with the best. It was an abstruse goal of my life to become an academician of that stature till I joined Chitkara University in the year 2008. From that day my journey has been exciting and full of learning and truly exploring my potential. Possessing the learner’s instinct assisted me to unlearn and then relearn to solidify my academic skills. The University has provided me numerous opportunities both academic and administrative to showcase my existing skills and hone it in a better way to achieve a level of expertise. Being a part of the University, which is the brainchild and hard work of the two eminent academicians, Dr Ashok K Chitkara and Dr Madhu Chitkara, I take pride in displaying and further passing on the imbibed moral values to the students, so that the world knows where the zenith of education is.

Dr. Meenu Khurana Dean Department of Computer Science & Engineering

After experience with the industry, my journey in Chitkara University, which started in 2005, has been nothing short of a serpentine road uphill akin to driving to a hill station – lots of blind bends and curves of newer challenges and dare, and along with it, the contentment of having crossed them over while progressing. The milieu and the synergy here are pampering. There is no dearth of learning and ascent if one has the potential, craving and fire in the belly. I think I speak for all my colleagues when I say that we have amalgamated with this esteemed institution as much as it has with us. Hon’ble Chancellor Dr. Ashok Chitkara, Hon’ble Pro Chancellor Dr. Madhu Chitkara, Vice President Dr. Mohit Chitkara and Vice Chancellor Dr. Archna Mantri have been the piers who have kept this temple of knowledge afloat with reverence. I am very proud to be an integral part of this group and am equally proud of all my students for making their mark in life. I salute my team members too.

Col. Satyavir Singh (Veteran) Associate Director Department of Residential Services (Girls Hostels)

The shift in career, from the Army to Chitkara University was one I never expected to undertake. However, having done so, I am incredibly and pleasantly surprised by the open arms I was welcomed with and the swiftness with which I settled into this new life. There is immense warmth and positive vibes all around the campus. The experience so far has been very challenging, but immensely satisfying. It is a pleasure to work with esteemed individuals, both in academics and administration, aiming each day to offer the best in education, innovating and making strides in order to take the University to new glorious heights. The shift from a life of cantonment to life on campus as member of Administrative Team has not been as jarring either, as the university has an excellent campus equipped to handle any sort of needs that may arise and a drive to have the best not only in academics, but sports and extracurriculars as well. I anticipate and am certain in coming years the University will scale many more newer heights. I am truly honored to be part of Chitkara family.

Dr. Amarjot Kaur (M.Pharma (Pharmacology); Ph.D.) Associate Professor and Associate Head Chitkara College of Pharmacy, Chitkara University, Punjab, India

Be a student as long as you still have something to learn and do this all your life, as a Teacher, a constant interaction with the students has always helped me to keep the ‘student’ alive in me because every student is unique, not only capable of learning but also capable of succeeding. My experience in Chitkara University has been one of the most dear, challenging yet encouraging ones. Gaining a teaching experience from a globally recognized university has inculcated skill of thinking in-depth from different angles and perspectives. It’s beautiful to look forward to each day to contribute more to this prestigious institution and anticipate the unfolding of growth in both professional and personal spheres. Personal development gains which came my way from this teaching endeavor included maturity and independence. Personal satisfaction in academic environment, self-awareness and self-actualization through meeting professional aspirations and performing self-fulfilling employment roles are also invaluable aspects of my experience at Chitkara University. The development of determination, diligence, time management and organizational skills will help contribute to the mission of this University in building a skillful society. Beyond a doubt, Chitkara University is a virtuous place to work, bloom and contribute. I am utterly blessed to be a part of this distinguished group and would strive to bear my part with dedication and devotion.

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