Employee Speak

Lt Col Rakesh Sharma (Retd)
Associate Director | University Affairs
Chitkara University

From “OLIVE GREEN to FORMALS” & from Cantonment to the University Office – the change has been challenging, but worth it.

After selection and a single visit to the campus, I was a proud member of the Chitkara family. The experience since has been satisfying & memorable. In short span of just eleven months, I have witnessed and enjoyed all facets of this professional life – Challenges, deadlines, tension, flaps, laughter sessions and getogethers…. a perfect blend of professional satisfaction & enjoyment. To be brutally honest, I enjoyed two decades of my Army life with unforgettable memories which will always remain with me. Am I really missing those days? Hand on my heart “Not Really”, as I am comfortably settled in new place. The environment is absolutely overwhelming & heart warming. The new family has accepted me with open arms (Hallmark of a good organisation).

I take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to H’ble Chancellor Dr. Ashok Chitkara & H’ble Vice Chancellor Dr. Madhu Chitkara, for making it possible. Sir & Ma’am’s positive attitude, ability to adapt to change & to learn to move out of comfort zone has been the guiding parameters for me to “Think Big & Explore my Potential”


Capt (Retd) B S Bedi
Deputy Registrar | Chitkara School of Hospitality
Chitkara University

“Besides a wonderful experience, it has been a great honor for me to be a part of prestigious Chitkara world, which is flourishing and attaining new heights day by day under the dynamic leadership of its highly reputed academicians.

I joined Chitkara in Jan 2008 and learnt tremendously. With the position and trust bestowed, I do enjoy my job, where I get ample opportunities to interact with the students and their guardians relating to their administrative matters/queries, etc. which I love most and feel utter satisfied when they leave contended.

It also gives me an immense pleasure and pride to have been associated with such a strong team of knowledgeable people, where performance of an individual never goes unnoticed or unrewarded. As regards humbleness of Chitkara family, it has no parallel, I have seen them escorting and honoring on stage the persons even remotely attached to it in any capacity.

I wish Chitkara a continuous growth and success.”

Dr. Sandhir Sharma
Dean | Chitkara Business School
Chitkara University

Having assigned a daunting task of Academician in last 14 years of my career have been a challenge & exciting drive for me, so far. I Served electronic industry for 4 years initially and switched over to academics in year 2000 which resulted a great deal of change in my overall personality & perspective as an individual and professional.

My journey with Chitkara University from 2010 onwards magnified my experience of being academician and brought a proud feeling of becoming active agent in contributing to the effort of building knowledge economy. “Chitkara” is a group of visionaries, trendsetters, forward looking academicians and the best opportunity employer. The best of best employer practices at Chitkara University include autonomy to think and act, innovating, research, flexibility, recognition, exposure and opportunity to grow, unlearn & change.

Being Dean of one of the most exciting and successfully running Schools of the University, Chitkara Business School, my task to match with values & legacy of Chitkara leadership has been full of pleasant and eye mounting experiences. I always feel honoured when guided, privileged when groomed and learnt when roles assigned by the high end leadership of Chitkara.

Indubitably, Chitkara University is a great place to work, grow and contribute. It is my great pleasure and privilege to be part of this group.

Prof. Nitin Dutt
Professor | Chitkara School of Planning and Architecture
Chitkara University

While contemplating my return to India after a period of approximately ten years, my apprehensions revolved around quality employment in academics and importantly the work culture. When I left India to pursue academics, I was a student then. My formative years as an academic and as a professional practitioner in the field of Visual Arts, Design, and Architecture were shaped in leading universities and firms of North America.

My inclination towards Chitkara School of Planning and Architecture was initially generated due to its dynamic leaders. Lt Col I.J.S. Bakshi, Prof. Surjit Bais, and Prof. Kiran Joshi are stalwarts in architectural education and any academic unit headed by such individuals was bound to be of par excellence. Dr. Ashok Chitkara, Dr. Madhu Chitkara, and Mr. Mohit Chitkara initiated and welcomed me into the Chitkara fraternity with open arms. After meeting them many of my concerns immediately subsided.

It has been almost four years since I joined Chitkara School of Planning and Architecture. Even today, I start my day with the same enthusiasm towards my teaching as I did on 5th July, 2010, when I joined this prestigious school and university. I attribute this to the unconditional support given to me by the leadership at CSPA and steady encouragement extended by the progenitors of our university. Due to this I am able to instill a deep understanding of the materials and content of various courses that I teach, and in addition foster critical thinking among students, all within a student-centered classroom.

Due to congenial working environment at Chitkara University, beyond classroom, I stay engaged with the academic community and am able to maintain consistency in my personal development and professional practice as an artist and designer. As a result, since 2010 I have exhibited my work across Indian and abroad, attended symposiums and artist camps, and carried out design projects for various private clients.

I strongly believe that Chitkara University is poised at a crucial juncture in its growth. It is time for us to consider the metamorphosis of our institution from being a technical university to a hub of holistic education by elaborating on existing Natural, Formal and Profession/Applied sciences and by including Humanities and Social Sciences. I perceive such a development not devoid of the union of both eastern and western philosophy, and such an amalgamation as a true universal perspective. I pledge to render my expertise and strive towards making this institution a rich and colorful tapestry woven with diverse yarns of talents, integrity, passion, character, respect, devotion, and vision that parallels the aspirations of a modern and rising India.

Ms. Lipika Gupta
HOD | ECE Department
Chitkara University

I joined Chitkara University in year 2011. It is my proud privilege to work with this university. Past 3 years at Chitkara University has been very rewarding where I have grown professionally. The well-defined growth path included hands-on learning during the Lecture and Lab sessions, later to suggest and implement improvements at bigger levels. Chitkara University is a place where I can contribute, innovate, work, grow and have fun at the same time. This is the place where everybody can share and implement ideas. I have been able to develop myself both ‘personally and professionally’.

Chitkara is a nice place to work with colleagues and supervisors always ready to provide their support. It is inspiring to work for an organization that encourages growth and offers opportunities for advancement. I truly appreciate all that I have learnt from my seniors.

Working with Chitkara University is indeed an enriching experience. In fact it has been much better than the first nine years that I had spent working elsewhere.

Mehak Uppal
Assistant Professor,
Chitkara School of Mass Communication

Chitkara University

It has almost been an year since I joined Chitkara University. It was clearing the UGC/NET examination that prompted me to make a shift to academics from a high paying corporate job as a sr. Project Coordinator in the Editorial Department of Quark, region’s top IT company.

For as long as I can remember, I have been working with the young people in various capacities. I have had the opportunity to work with Commonwealth Youth Programme to closely map, gauge and cater to the needs of the young population of the Asia region. I was also an in-house editor for their quarterly magazine ‘Young Asia’ which is circulated in all the Asian Commonwealth countries.

I am also a Master Trainer for the international organization ‘Global Fund to Fight Aids, TB and Malaria (GFATM)’ and have been training field workers from the Northern states to counsel and communicate effectively on HIV/AIDS. In 2012, I was also awarded the title of ‘Commonwealth Youth Ambassador for Peace’. Along with it, writing regularly for national level newspapers of India has been a continuous effort.

Having worked extensively in the industry, closely with young people and that too in the domain that is socially volatile and require utmost sensitivity, I realize how pertinent it is to impart effective training to young people.

This becomes all the more important when we teach our students a discipline like mass communication which is a wonderful meeting point of theory and practical, logic and creativity, and even sociology and psychology.

It’s in this context that Chitkara University becomes an interesting place to work. The best part about the environment here is the freedom we get to design our classes. We are given independence to plan our sessions, device our own approach towards various topics and explore various pedagogies/andragogies to make the lectures interactive. This gives us ample chances to bring in technology and new approaches to teaching in our classrooms via-a-vis the best of what is happening in the world. It has given me a chance to not just stick to the lecture mode but also explore ppts, videos, podcasts, group activities, brainstorming sessions, discussions etc. effectively.

As educators, I believe the time has come to not restrict us to inculcating only the logistic and linguistic intelligences of the students but create an enabling environment to explore their other facets as well. In this scenario of changing student-teacher interface, upcoming MOOCs and increased student exposure; it is important to reinvent ourselves to retain our relevance. I take great pride in being attached with Chitkara University, which is looking at the future and thus giving us a chance to grow and be one step ahead of others in this aspect.

One of the reasons, why we are able to give such an input is because of the supportive and positive attitude of our seniors which ensures a hassle-free approach towards our work. Perhaps, it’s the fact that the Chitkaras have been renowned and accomplished academicians in the city that has helped inculcate the ethical attitude and approach towards academics. This becomes all the more important for our discipline, where ethics remain a major quality to be inculcated in the future professionals we groom. It is a subtle quality that demands patience and the best way for students to pick it up is to see it being practiced around them.

The university is also a dynamic place in terms of hosting conferences, workshops and other activities. Apart from these, the good infrastructure of the site also ensures a pleasant working environment. So, for someone who is passionate about this profession, curious to introduce and learn new approaches to education, and believes in exploring the latent potential of each student; Chitkara University is a wonderful place to be in.

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